Adam Carolla Show

While traveling through Los Angeles, we made a stop in Glendale for the Adam Carolla Show – the most popular podcast in the world, with over one million downloads per day. (If you don’t listen to the podcast, you probably remember Adam from The Man Show, Lovelines, or on of his projects with Jimmy Kimmel.)

We premiered a new song (“Earthquake”) and chatted for a while about touring, the meaning of the word “Opry” and more. When the show was over, we got a real treat – we were taken to Adam’s incredible garage (which h built himself), where in addition to a number of amazing classic cars he houses the largest collection of Paul Newman’s racecars in existence. A really incredible experience.

Check out our episode of the Adam Carolla Show here. You’ll need a Podcast One subscription to listen to the full interview and performance. No subscription? Well, we managed to pull “Earthquake” out so that you can at least listen to it for free, right here!

Thanks so much to Adam, Mike Dawson, Mike August, Edward Milton and the entire crew for letting us hang out and taking such good care of us!