Introducing The Sprinter Sessions!

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve probably seen an episode or two of our new Facebook Live series #TheSprinterSessions. Each Wednesday, we premiere a brand new song, live and completely raw, from somewhere inside or near our Sprinter van. They started while we were on tour out west, rolling down the highway – and have continued whether we’ve been at home or on tour.

The songs are still pretty rough when we perform them – often, they are finished just minutes before the session goes live. So you get to see them in their infancy, before we’ve honed them through rehearsals, live performances or in a studio.

Some of these songs may never progress beyond The Sprinter Sessions; while others will wind up on an album in the future.

It’s been a really fun way for us to make sure we’re constantly working on new material, and also to get instant feedback about what we’re doing.

Now, #TheSprinterSessions have their very own website where all of the live performances are archived, to be viewed in perpetuity. Visit the site and check out all of the performances!