100 Miles of Wreckage goes nationwide!

We’re counting down to the national radio release of 100 Miles of Wreckage on April 4 …. we shipped out hundreds of shiny little CDs to stations across the country (Europe, you’re next!) and now all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that people like it. Before long, we’ll need your help calling in requests to your local stations. We’ll keep you posted!

We’re also hitting independent record stores from coast to coast beginning April 28. If you have an indie store in your town, ask them if they carry the album! (If they don’t, let us know and we’ll hit ’em up).

4 comments on “100 Miles of Wreckage goes nationwide!

  1. Betsy Godsey says:

    I just got this new CD and I only buy about one every couple of years – it’s absolutely fantastic! I really love the the song “same mistakes”. Please please tell me where or how I can get the lyrics. I’m sending this Cd to everybody I know and thank you so much for lifting my heart, soul and spirits!
    Betsy Godsey

    • theblacklillies says:

      If you could see tomorrow what difference would it make?
      Would it be so easy to make the same mistakes?
      If you could see the faces of all those you love?
      Standing in the doorway, holding back the flood.

      What would you say? Would it be the truth?
      Could there be forgiveness for all you put them through.

      Don’t walk away. Reach out and say…


      I know I’ve hurt you, I know I’ve let you down.
      When you needed me I was not around
      And I’m sorry for my selfish ways
      Please forgive the same mistakes

      If you had just one moment to let it all be known
      Would you stand silent and deny your own
      Could you feel the longing, the pleading of an eye
      Or would you be cold hearted, too dead inside to cry

      Don’t walk away, reach out and say…


      Is it too late to reach out, stretch an open hand?
      However did it come to this? I don’t understand.

      Don’t walk away, reach out and say…


  2. Robin Stinson says:

    What is the song “Same Mistakes” about? The video is compelling and I am wondering what inspired this beautiful, poignant song.
    Thank you for bringing such beautiful music into the world.

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