Yes I Know

By Cruz Contreras

Today I woke up, the sun was shining
But in my worn heart, woe and pining
A racing mind, one more time, what will I do?
I am not with you

On the day that you were born I held your hand
And I swore, that I would always be there for you
Now it’s not true, life is cruel and I’m sorry
But you and I, we’ll be fine do not worry


Cause I know, yes I know, what you’re going through
And I know yes I know yes I know, what you’re going through
And I know, yes I know

Circumstance fate or chance I never meant to let you go
Don’t be afraid we’ll be brave you are not alone
You are my home you are my own you are my everything
And when we’re apart we’ll have a song to sing


Someday when I am not to be found
Hear these words and remember this sound
Sing a simple song, carry on and live and love everyday
And you will find all in time there is a beautiful way


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