Two Hearts Down

By Cruz Contreras

If I had a bottle
I’d surely drink it on down
No more pain, goodbye shame
Then I’d head into town

I’d walk all along the fine people
Smile say “how do you do?”
They wouldn’t know and I wouldn’t show
The truth that I’m telling you


Cause I’ll not drink from the bottle
And I’ll not walk through the town
Four cold walls and a window
One shot two hearts down

Verse 2

Once I was a young man
Hair and eyes a glow
I met a girl, the prettiest curls
I had to make her my own

She was promised to another
And I knew her heart was true
I couldn’t stand the sight of his hand
For I loved her two


Verse 3

I took my father’s rifle
And I waited quite until
One cold shot through love’s embrace
Left them quiet and still

(Chorus) (2x)

One shot two hearts down (2x)