Soul of Man

By Cruz Contreras

Where does the soul of man go?
When we reach the end of the road
Will there be light or darkness and fright
Nobody really knows

When will it be the end?
The messenger’s day to send
Will there be doom or blood on the moon?
Nobody knows my friend, nobody knows my friend


So sing tonight and drink your fill
A few more hours of life to kill
Hold the one you love easy on your mind
Maybe it’s for real this time, maybe its for real this time

Verse 3

Oh dear mom and dad
Please don’t be so sad
Sunday school and the golden rule
Things haven’t turned out that bad, no things haven’t turned out that bad


Verse 4

“What is the meaning?” you say.
“Will we all just float way?”
Don’t push your way through, lend a hand to soothe
We’ll find it together someday, we’ll find it together someday

(Chorus 2x)