The Distance

By Cruz Contreras


Oh the distance, oh the time
What’s the difference? It’s all in your mind
Please tell me we’ll meet again
We’ll know about it in the end

Looking back now over the years
Life’s just a moment, laughter and tears
I saw you crying as no one deserves
Your devils and demons flew in reserve

Time will take what it will and we’re left to wonder
I never knew her though I was her brother
The pain left behind is too much to bear
Day to day your pain we all shared


Oh son of mine, look in my eyes
You are young but you’ll realize
No man is perfect of this I am sure
You’ll find your own way like those before

I can see them all in plain view
Mothers and fathers believing it’s true
Please do not linger, don’t make a sound
Free for a moment as they turn around