Tall Trees

By Cruz Contreras


Tall trees waltzing across the ground
One fell, the others gathered round
Melody and harmony stop and stare
Teardrops falling, no one hears

I can’t remember yesterday
And I don’t hear the reasons that you gave
One thing rings true in my mind
The one thing that I love, I must find (2x)

Goodbye darling, know I tried
Strangers holding onto life
Where will you be when I return?
Sleep now, dream now, there’s more to learn (3x)

Part 2

There’s a road which I’ve travelled
There’s a road that I’ve run
There’s one hundred miles of wreckage
Lord forgive me, what I’ve done

I’ve known Jesus and Mother Mary
I’ve known the Father and the Ghost
And I’ll see them all in glory
Through the ages with the heavenly host

(Repeat “There’s a road…” verse)

Part 3

Shadows marching towards the stage
Hoping, searching, for the latest rage
Dark eyes calling, cloud the son
Doorways closing, its time to run

One thing rings true in my mind
The one thing I love, I must find(4x)