By Cruz Contreras

I’ve not a dollar to my name
Mister could you share a little change
It’s getting cold and I’m alone
Just a little help on your way home

I used to sell carpets down in Georgia
Makin’ good money for me and my gal
I came home from work early
I wish to the lord I would have called

A tortured month in Atlanta
No escape from the pain
I squandered all that I was given
Gonna go were no one knows my name


Now it’s midnight under the railroad tracks
One eye open, watchin’ my back
There’s only one for me to blame
I never thought life would turn out this way
I never thought life would turn out this way

In this town everybody knows my game
They see me comin’ and they look away
I could get a job and make them proud
But I’d surely let them down
Yes I know I’d let ‘em down


Hey there buddy you’re my friend
It’s all the same in the end
What you’ve done for the least of mine
I’ll remember for sometime
Yes I’ll remember for sometime