1/28/17- Avesta, Sweden

Note: For the past three years, I have thought that Cruz’s middle name was “Abner”. Apparently it is not. Our manager, Chyna, pointed this out to me, but I had already written the Avesta blog. Please forgive me, “Abdon”, nothing rhymes with your real name.

Today we played in a tipi. Here is a poem about it.

Abner the Trapper

Once upon a time, a man named Cruz Abner

Dreamt of being a famous fur trapper

His coat, boots, and gloves were made out of hide,

A big beaver hat whose brim matched his stride

But rather than hunting or snaring for pelt

He played the guitar and sang how he felt

But like a thin walrus, or child with a beard

In context he looked a little bit weird

He said “These clothes make sense, one day you’ll see,

I’ll play a gig in a fur lined tipi!”

He was right.