NPR’s Morning Edition features the “Appalachian inspiration of The Black Lillies”NPR’s

A few weeks ago, we got an email from Steve Inskeep, host of the highly popular program Morning Edition, which airs weekdays on National Public Radio. He was going to be visiting our hometown of Knoxville to discuss the role that┬áculture and community have on politics. Knoxville’s culture is so steeped in music that he wanted to get our perspective on the topic. There was only one problem – we were scheduled to be on tour in Texas. No worries though, because Steve and his producer had already done their research – they knew we were on tour, and they had arranged for a studio in College Station, Texas to let us come in and do the interview by phone.

And so we ended up at the KAMU studios on the Texas A&M campus. It was touch and go for a moment, as technical difficulties made it impossible to connect our studio to Steve’s in Washington, D.C. It took a couple of hours, but the dedicated staff on both ends of the line finally worked it out and we jumped into the interview.

The discussion was lively and lasted more than 45 minutes – even though they only needed a couple of minutes. And though you can’t hear it in the final product, Bowman was in the studio as well. Unfortunately, he got a little starstruck and only managed to squeak out one sentence: “Longtime fan. Uh, thanks.” So he ended up on the cutting room floor …

We’re grateful to have been featured and overwhelmed by the tremendous response from listeners across the country – from fans who were thrilled to hear us, to brand new (to us) folks who discovered our music for the first time. In fact, sales of all of our albums have spiked on Amazon and iTunes – with every single one of them topping the daily sales at one point or another this week!

Did you miss it? Never fear, because it’s now online! Take a listen here.