Road Poems Vol. 1

Neglect. It’s all I can ever think about in our first few days back from a tour. Neglect of the bills and the dust that collect like unwanted house guests in my otherwise unused bedroom. Neglect of the many hometown relationships that slowly deteriorate as new ones are formed all across the country. Neglect of the time, as it inevitably winds into months and years away from home chasing this dream.
Hopefully, the neglect is quickly remedied. The bills are paid, the dust is (sometimes) swept, and the relationships tended to as best as they can. The time never returns, but to be honest, it is rare that I imagine a better way to have spent it.
I have, among those already mentioned, of late neglected two very important things. First of all, this blog. Second of all, poetry. The former probably comes as little surprise to any of you who have followed this sporadic internet publication, but the later probably raises a few questions.
Since I wrote my first road poem on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 in Portland, OR, I have occasionally kept a log of the ever increasing number of shows I have played with The Black Lillies in poetry form. I had originally intended to keep a classic road diary, but found after one entry that the constant bouncing of the van and my general laziness did not square well with excessive daily writing. Thus, I began writing poetry, mostly for my own enjoyment and memory, but occasionally to share on my personal internet face page to promote gigs. I say all this to explain why, as some of you may have wondered, on our current PledgeMusic campaign there is an option to purchase some hand-written “Boetry” from me. “Boetry” is a nice combination of “Bowman” and “Poetry” Chyna came up with that I like because 1) It sounds pretty righteous. and 2) It hopefully keeps those who have seriously studied and practiced the art of poetry from taking offense at my shoddy, uneducated works.
Anywho, I thought I would share a select few of these road poems in the hopes that if you like them you might purchase a custom one to help fund the new record, or, if you think they are rubbish, spend your money on a PledgeMusic premium more to your liking. Either way, thanks for all the support. Cheers to the year ahead and a brand new Black Lillies’ album! -Bowman

City: Portland, OR
Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Venue: The Grey Eagle Saloon

You make me want to start my own indie rock troupe
And sell my own granola.
Both called “Bowmanola”.
I’ll fall in love with a barista
Name our daughter after you
And she’ll grow up, move to San Francisco,
And never speak to any of us
– a poem by Bowman Townsend

City: Mount Vernon, WA
Date: Friday, November 15, 2013
Venue: Mcintyre Hall

Mount Vernon,
So little time, I know not what you’re about,
Except biblically I’d call you “Vernon on the Mount”.
A bleak stretch of highway, back alley load in,
Play gig, load out,
Holiday Inn.
– a poem by Bowman Townsend

City: Livingston, MT
Date: Monday, November, 18, 2013
Venue: The Buckhorn Theatre

By living a ton, I awoke as the walking dead,
Tongue dry as dust, with aches in head,
Would love to sleep, all day in bed,
But we’ve 1300 miles ahead,
– a poem by Bowman Townsend

City: Memphis, TN
Date: Thursday, November 21, 2013
Venue: The Hi-Tone

Pre-show bar-b-que dinner,
I now slouch over drums,
Fat and Glistening,
Like ribs over a
– a poem by Bowman Townsend

City: Shepherdstown, WV
Date: Friday, February 28, 2013
Venue: Shepherdstown Opera House

A sold out house of sheep, in need of a shepherd,
But rowdy and fierce, like cantankerous leopards.
A block of cheese, was fuel we need,
to make the cosmic rock flow.
Ears start to bleed, and feet are then freed,
the crowd were wolves in sheeps’ clothes.
– a poem by Bowman Townsend

City: Sellersville, PA
Date: March 6, 2013
Venue: Sellersville Theatre (w/ YARN)

Bring your knitting needles and flower vase,
YARN and Black Lillies will rock your face.
Groove like butter, sound like lace,
Sticks to eardrums, musical paste,
Theatre’s a turkey, needs a rock’n’roll baste,
YARN cooks it up, Lillies season to taste.

City: Austin, TX
Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2013
Venue: SXSW

“I AM in a band! How could you tell?!
Was it my white van?! My merch to sell?!
Did you see my picture in a music mag?!
Notice my vest or messenger bag?!”

None of those things, it was just a guess,
Afterall it is Austin and south by southwest.
– a poem by Bowman Townsend


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