Yes, we’re on train tracks.

The number one rule of band photos? Stay away from train tracks! There’s just about nothing more cliched than a band trying to look cool while walking down, posing on, or or hanging around train tracks.  The number one rule of band websites?  We don’t really know, but chances are that you aren’t supposed to have a funny picture on your homepage.  So yeah, we just went ahead and did both.

The train tracks were a total joke and the photo was never really meant to be shown to the public. We were doing a photo shoot for the 100 Miles of Wreckage release with photographer Carie Thompson.  We took plenty of very serious and/or artistic shots in a few different locations, and on our way to a quarry we walked past these train tracks.  We snapped a couple of pictures for our manager, who couldn’t be at the shoot and had left us with a “no train tracks, no brick walls” warning.

But when we saw the picture later, it made us all laugh. It seemed to capture everyone’s personality so well.  And then, when our web designers pulled it out a couple of months later and said that it was their favorite picture of the entire shoot, too, we decided to just go for it.

Anyway, we hope that the picture makes you laugh, too. And if you want to die laughing over some seriously bad (real) band photos, visit this website.

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